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Secure your Home or Business with a high quality, custom designed security system...!

Don't be fooled by those 'easy installation' and 'low cost' alternatives! As is so oft the case, you get what you pay for. What is the point of spending ANY of your hard earned $$$ on products/services that are easily compromised, or are not going to serve your needs when they are most dire?

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A few things we at T-Com would like you to consider, regardless of your choice...

* Did you know that what you pay for any camera is, generally, largely predicated on the camera's resolution?
This is the camera's specific measure of how much detail/distance it will offer.

* Many 'low cost' cameras only offer a clearly identifiable image within the first dozen feet or so,
making them almost worthless for covering your exterior premises!
Not too many trespassers/thieves are going to come up and 'smile for the camera'!

* Are you 'ok' with the very real possibility that your 'state of the art' wireless system might be
easily disabled by a hand held device?
Specific devices already exist!
All too soon, if there isn't already, 'there will be an app for that...!'

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Let the Experienced Professionals at T-Com offer their FREE assessment of your property's risk exposures!
They will take the time to answer your questions straight, and inform you of not just your risk exposures,
but how different means of addressing those liabilities will affect your risk of loss!

Invest in a REAL sense of security in your property, having T-Com's Local Pro's install a genuinely secure system
to protect your Loved Ones and Property!

It costs NOTHING to have one of our friendly, courteous Service Professionals visit your home or business
to answer your questions and offer our Best Recommendations for properly securing your property!!


  Secure your Home...

  with State-of-the-Art surveilance & video equipment and services!!